Tray – Tahitian Mother of Pearl Shell


  • Food Serving Tray
  • Top Material: Tahitian Mother of Pearl Shell Marquetry
  • Bottom Material:  Black Mother of Pearl Block with an iridescent sheen.
  • Vase Measures: 10cm height, 85cm Length x 40cm Width


A large food serving where the top is made of Tahitian (Black) Mother of Pearl Shell marquetry. Handcrafted by skilled artisans, the materials are carefully cut into small rectangular strips and then gets in-laid one by one to create a striped pattern. With colours that assent, adding a cheerful glam to your living room space.

Placing furniture and décor accessories with a “stripe” effect has the power to reshape any space through the illusion of length, adding a bold graphic punch and also creating a sense of movement that uplifts the mood of people.