Lounge Chair – Horizontal Tahiti Mother of Pearl Shell


  • Type :  Lounge Chair
  • Finishing Material : Tahitian Mother of Pearl Shells
  • Legs of the Chair made from Palisander Wood
  • Comfortable seat cushion upholstery made from black velvet
  • Colour / Pattern : Gradient of light Beige to dark Brown
  • Measurements : ( L x W x H ) 50 cm x 64 cm x 80 cm


A beautiful dining chair where the backrest is made of Tahitian Mother of Pearl Shell marquetry. These once discarded shells have been beautifully transmuted by skilled artisans. The process of marquetry involves carefully cutting this exotic material, that can be very delicate, into small rectangular strips where the size and shape has to be identical. And then it gets in-laid one by one in a horizontal fashion to create the pattern where the colours gradate from yellowish beige to black.


Bespoke Modern Furniture

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