Room Divider – Buffalo Horn


  • Type : Bi-fold room divider
  • Finishing Material : Buffalo horn
  • Colour / Pattern : Light Brown to Black Gradation
  • Measurements : ( L x H ) 218 cm x 190 cm


Made from ethically sourced buffalo horn, this is a 3-fold room divider that is will not only add some privacy to your space but also uplift a sense of luxe in the room. Repurposing exotic materials that would normally end up in the landfills as waste, Etienne adds a unique design and durability to his works using marquetry technique. The process of marquetry involves carefully cutting this exotic material that can be very delicate, into square blocks where the size and shape has to be identical. Then it gets in-laid one by one to create this particular design.

Add this room divider to boast a lackluster corner by introducing extra color, texture and dimension.


Bespoke Modern Furniture

  • To meet the growing needs of architects and interior designers, every piece from Etienne de Souza can be handcrafted according to your spatial requirements and specifications.  Our expert artisans will be able to guide you along the design process and will send you regular updates during the manufacturing process.
  • Specifications  we would require from you : –
    • Choice of Material
    • Shape of your furniture
    • Design/pattern