Decorative Box – White Bone


  • Pebble-shaped Box
  • Small & Large Size
  • Materials: Exterior is made of a White Bone Marquetry
  • Materials: Interior is made of Crackled Penshell with an iridescent sheen.
  • Small Box Measures: 9cm height, 31cm Length x 23cm Width
  • Large Box Measures: 10cm height, 39cm Length x 30cm Width


  • The material, shape, size and pattern can be customised to produce a unique piece for your home


Pebble-shaped jewellery or decorative box where the exterior made of cattle bones. Carefully cut into tiny strips, the material has been bleached to give you a bright white colour and meticulously in-laid one by one by artisans skilled in marquetry and inlay work. The interior is elegantly inlaid with square blocks of  yellow pen shell.