Oval Vase – Cocoshell & Pen Shell Inlay


  • Rectangle Coffee Table
  • Material : Black (Tahitian) Mother of Pearl Shells
  • Horizontal inlay of shell veneers
  • Measures: 38 cm height, 122cm Length, 53cm Width


Celebrating the integrity of natural materials, this pebble-shaped decorative box is made from alternating stripes of pen shell and light brown coconut shell.

Beautiful pen shell & coco shell inlay decorative vase handmade by skilled artisans in Indonesia. The materials are cleverly processed and are delicately cut into tiny strip shapes that are inlaid and aligned to form a striped pattern.

Goes perfectly together with a clean minimalist interior design as well with an eclectic bohemian style. The vase is large and will look great either on a cabinet or as a floor vase. Great housewarming gift or a unique decor item for your home.