As a child Etienne was inclined towards the arts when he later studied architecture at the Ecole Des Beaux-Arts in Paris. The designer had a successful jewellery and fashion accessories business in France, but decided to close that down in the pursuit of a new adventure.

In the 1990s, he visited several countries in Southeast Asia and found himself falling in love with Bali island for its rich and beautiful culture. More so for the talented artist and artisans and the availability of a variety of raw material. He then established his brand "Etienne de Souza" in 1997 and started to produce high-end bespoke furniture and interior objects.

The designer trained local craftsmen to get the highest quality using old European techniques, particularly in the art of "marquetry" and special finishes. His love to explore new shapes, materials and patterns turns into unique timeless objects.

Starting from ideas with clients to finalising the design on sketch, every piece is custom made and unique. Hence, requiring a few months to produce one piece. Today Etienne de Souza collaborates with the most famous architects and interior designers all over the world on special projects such as luxury boutiques, restaurants, hotels, spas and private residence.