Harmony between design and craftsmanship

In order to compose high-concept sustainable furnitures, Etienne, who is a master craftsman himself, is dedicated to design, detail and nature. 

Using centuries-old techniques that demands an incredible amount of time and attention to details,  precision and steady hands are one of the few pre-requisites for one to be engaged as an artisan in his workshop.

Having spent over 2 decades under the careful supervision of Etienne, together with a pool of diverse designers, it is guaranteed a perfect harmony is attained with design and craftmanship.

And apart from this, every single piece of our work has withstood the test of time in terms of durability and beauty. Always seeking to raise the bar for a unique artistic legacy in this modern world, a lot of pride has been taken on the process of creating every piece from conceptualisation to completion.

Today,  Etienne de Souza collaborates with the most famous architects and interior designers all over the world on notable projects. His works can be seen globally in some luxury boutiques, high-end restaurants, hotels, spas and private residence.  

the art of marquetry & Inlay

While there are many different marquetry and inlay techniques out there, the chief process of marquetry inlaying is simply inserting or applying thinly cut material on a solid base or structure, to create an ornamental design, pattern or depicting a scene on a decorative object or furniture.  

This particular technique commands high level of precision when cutting the various natural materials into thin strips. highly – labour intensive as it commands precise hands. 

Marquetry is a mix of art and science. In this aspect, his portfolio of work exhibits his fondness towards exotic materials that were once considered as food waste and reviving their purpose in the form of contemporary furnishing and fitting.